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15-year-old boy nabbed for smuggling goods from South Africa

A 15-year-old boy was arrested on 11 October for being part of a gang that was smuggling goods from South Africa into Zimbabwe using a stolen vehicle.

The minor was in the company of the other two suspects who are still at large.

National police spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi in a telephone interview with AfroGazette confirmed the arrest of the 15-year-old boy but could not disclose his name because he is a minor.

It is alleged that the gang in question was smuggling a stolen Nissan Hardbody and some groceries into the country through an illegal entry point.

The gang ran out of luck when the stolen vehicle got stuck in the sand leading to the arrest of the minor.

The other two suspects hot-footed back to South Africa and escaped the arrest as police officers could not match their pace.

Some groceries, a hydraulic jack, a shovel and an axe were also recovered from the scene.

The Zimbabwe Republic Police confirmed the recovery of a stolen Nissan Hardbody along the Maitengwe riverbed near the bridge. The Double Cab vehicle was reportedly stolen on 10 October in Botswana.

“The boy is claiming that he was receiving groceries that had been sent from South Africa by his father. We, therefore, urge members of the public who are abroad to use legal ways to send goods to their families to avoid such scenarios,” said Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi.

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