Guinea’s Mamadi Doumbouya Shocks Worshippers With His Stunt During Fridays Prayers At Mosque

Colonel Mamadi Doumbouya shocked Guineans and the world at the Boulbinet Mosque in Conakry during the last Friday d’hour prayers by refusing to seat at the front row that was reserved for him and his entourage, but instead sat outside to pray as the mosque was already full when he got there.

Well before the Colonel arrived with his entourage, the Boulbinet mosque elders had done as usual, reserving the first three rows “saffat” for the president and his entourage.

To everyone’s surprise, he arrived and stood outside. As the imam, “Sallis”, praise-singers and elders where urging him to get in and seat at the front next to the “miraab”, he reminded the mosque elders and those present that there should be no distinction in the house of worship.

Everyone should be equal in the mosque. I hope he continues with this attitude.

He reminds us of Thomas Sankara.

(United states of Africa)


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