Mai Titi’s Colleagues Produce Police Evidence of Violence Case In Tanzania.

Tonight, colleagues of the actor Mai Titi promise to reveal police report evidence of her violence in Tanzania, in the events that led to her being booted out of the Life To Regret film cast.

The revelations are being published to protect future victims of the actor following a long string of cases over the last 3 years, one of which is being heard in the Harare Magistrates Court, the latter, involving a victim who is a Zimbabwean woman who the actor hired hitmen after late last year.

Felistas Murata who has many times before announced her violence on live camera, was fired from the film production for being ‘unprofessional,’ and 2 nights ago her own handpicked eyewitness announced on live video saying Mai Titi was one of the women fighting each other to bed a popular Congolese singer, who is also part of the cast. Out of 34 actors, Mai Titi has soiled both her reputation and her nation’s at a time when other female actors such as Madam Boss have continued to soar in their career, traveling to more than 5 countries, filming without a single scandal or known friction.

When asked for a comment on Tuesday night, Mai Titi literally refused to publicly confront her former employer in a live news interview on the damning allegations over women’s rights issues she says she wants to see addressed. She frustrated all inquiries by on her own continuing to speak to her page audience, keeping her producer waiting at bay for over 45 minutes.




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