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Man Assaults Ex-Lover Accusing Her Of Refusing To Refund Him Money He Spent On Beer For Her Birthday

A 37-year-old Bulawayo man reportedly assaulted his ex- lover after she refused to refund him money which he had spent on beer.


It is alleged that on 8 May 2021 and as part of her birthday celebrations, Gladys Nyathi, 33, went to Fourwinds Shopping Centre and upon arrival requested that her ex-lover Paul Mangondo, 37, pay for beer using his credit card. She reportedly promised that the money would be refunded when her guests paid their entrance fees and the man agreed.


It is alleged that after the celebrations they went to town to further make merry but passed through Luveve suburb to drop Nyathi’s child.


On their way back, Mangondo who is employed at Zupco Gwanda depot reportedly had an argument with his uncle who was driving and he demanded to be dropped off.


Nyathi and Mangondo’s uncle proceeded to town and later met with Nyathi’s friends at a restaurant situated at corner 10thavenue and George Silundika Street.



Mangondo later phoned Nyathi asking her where she was and the latter reportedly said if he wanted to join them, he should first apologise to his uncle and he agreed.


Nyathi then directed him to where they were and upon arrival Mangondo found his ex-lover standing outside the car with her friends while his uncle was sitting inside.


He reportedly opened one of the doors and demanded to know what they were talking about saying he had brought a bouncer.


He later turned to Nyathi who was talking to her friends and asked for a mobile phone and she refused to give him. He then forcibly pulled her handbag while demanding his money and in the process the handbag reportedly got torn.


Nyathi then courted Mangondo’s anger when she told him that she didn’t owe him anything. In a fit of rage Mangondo poured beer on her before he allegedly tried to hit her with an empty beer bottle, but missed her.



While avoiding being hit by the empty beer bottle, Nyathi fell heavily to the ground and Mangondo reportedly seized the opportunity allegedly assaulted her with fists and booted her several times all over the body.


The matter was reported to the police leading to Mangondo’s arrest and his subsequent appearance in court charged with physical abuse.


Mangondo denied the physical abuse charges. He was remanded out of custody to 31 May B-Metro reports.






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