Married Couples Still Shunning Condom Use: Health Workers

HIV/AIDS community health workers say they find it easier to discuss the benefits of the use of condoms with sex workers than among married couples.


The issue of engaging communities on the benefits of safe sex methods and condom use, they added, was even worse among married Christian couples who think there are “holier” than the heathen sex workers.



A health worker based in Hopley, Harare, Manyara Zvikaramba said sex workers were more knowledgeable on the issues to do with HIV/AIDS, and engaging in protective sex than married couples.

She added most sex workers were aware of their HIV status than married couples.

Hopley is a sprawling informal settlement in Harare South, a popular residential area with sex workers because of the cheap accommodation available in the area.


“Most sex workers from the look of things are HIV negative as compared to married couples,” Zvikaramba told NewZimbabwe.com in an interview last week.

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