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A BABY survived after his parents were killed while walking down the road.


Both parents were shot in the head in Philippi, Cape Town, at about 10pm on Saturday, 9 October.


According to the 25-year-old mother’s aunt, the nine-month-old boy was found on his dead mother’s back by a resident.


“We are still shocked by what has happened because she never told us about having enemies who would want to kill her,” said the aunt.


She said the baby was struggling to sleep, even during the day.


“Even though he is young, he is traumatised and wakes up calling for his dad,” she said.


The couple had been dating since 2019 and have only the boy.


According to residents, the shooters were driving a Toyota Avanza. However, the aunt said she had also heard it was a Toyota Fortuner.


“We are hoping the police will do a proper investigation and bring the perpetrators to book,” she said.


She said she believed the ancestors saved the baby.


“We are grateful to them and God because his didn’t fall on her back.”


A 27-year-old relative of the father (33) said he had spent the day with the victims before they were killed. He said after they had left, a resident came and told him there had been a shooting.


“When I heard that, I didn’t think it was them. I went to look and saw their bodies lying on the road. Their son had already been taken away,” he said.


“What was strange was that nothing was taken from them. This shows someone wanted them dead.”


Police spokesman Captain Frederick van Wyk said a double murder case was opened.

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