Ndinyengeiwo Girl In Another Adventure

The “ndinyengeiwo” fame lady, Lorraine Guyo has been engaged by a local youth organisation 4-H Zimbabwe Foundation in their national ID campaign programme.

The social media sensational lady and musician Peter Moyo are being used as models to encourage youths to acquire national IDS so that they register to cast their votes.

The organisation which has supported the creative sector in the past through funding the schools’ short story competitions has extended to helping artistes. With the campaign being rolled out nationally, Matabeleland artistes are also set to be roped in.

The campaign dubbed “Your ID – Your voting passport” encourages youths to ensure they have their IDs or valid passports in check so that they can be able to vote in the 2023 elections.

National IDs are the only documents required for the pre-voting and voting processes thus they play a very significant role in the process.

4-H Zimbabwe Foundation communications officer – Michelle Ncube said: “As artistes have a large following, we’ll be working with Lorraine Guyo and Peter Moyo before roping in others from Matabeleland when we launch the campaign in that region. The reason most of these youths don’t have IDs is that they would have lost them and don’t have any reason or motivation to get new ones. Some get comfortable using their birth certificates in place of their IDs, even after they would have turned 18 years. –ZimEye

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