No Gay Rights For Us, We Are A Christian Nation: Zambia’s New Govt

The administration of Zambia’s president Hakainde Hichilema has said that it does not promote gay rights in the country. The Hakainde government insisted that while they promote human rights, Zambia can not promote gay rights and rights for the LGBTIQ+ community because Zambia is a “Christian nation.”


This was revealed by Zambia’s new Minister Of Information and Media Chushi Kasanda during her first press briefing on Thursday. Hakainde’s government made the statement following accusations from opposition politicians that the UPND government is working on introducing gay rights in the country.

During the press briefing, Kasanda said,


The government wishes to further clarify that while the UPND manifesto is very clear on the respect of human rights, it does not promote gay rights. The UPND government recognises and upholds Zambia as a Christian nation both in principle and in practice.

The statement comes after former Water Development Minister Raphael Nakachinda alleged that President Hakainde Hichilema will be travelling to the United States in order to introduce gay rights in Zambia.


Kasanda who is also the Chief Government Spokesperson said contrary to the allegations, President Hichilema is slated to attend the UN General Assembly to advance the country’s position on international issues.

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