Scattered rains expected tomorrow

Rain showers are expected over the eastern parts of the country tomorrow while the rest of the country should be mostly sunny and cold in the morning.

In an update, the Meteorological Services Department said cloudy conditions and scattered rain showers are expected in areas such as Harare metropolitan, Manicaland, Mashonaland East and Central provinces.

The rest of the country; Bulawayo metropolitan, Matabeleland North and south, Mashonaland West and Central, Masvingo and Midlands should be mostly sunny though cold in the morning.

“Temperature fluctuations between night and day may affect the health of all person. However, persons of an ill disposition, the elderly, young children tend to be more vulnerable. Respiratory related ailments such as asthma, hay fever, colds and flu tend to be common during this period due to cold mornings and evenings.

“Cold weather negatively affect poultry and light ran may affect crops that are at harvest stage,” said the MSD.

The public has been advised to keep warm.

“Poultry producers should note that broilers are sensitive to temperature variations and therefore, need to be checked regularly and adjustments made,” said the MSD.


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