University Students Turn To Prostitution To Raise Fees And Rentals

Bindura University of Science Education (BUSE) and Zimbabwe Ezekiel Guti University (ZEGU) female students have reportedly resorted to sex work to raise some money to pay rent and tuition fees.

Their involvement in the trade is alleged to have brought competition to professional sex workers in the town.

Due to the latest developments regarding the issue, the National AIDS Council (NAC) has moved to scale up intervention programmes at the tertiary institutions New Zimbabwe reports.

“They (students) also go and solicit for sex but most of them need guidance especially from peer educators who work with sex workers in Bindura,” said a SAYWHAT officer based in the town while requesting anonymity.


“Some of them have full of I know, but they are not aware of the dangers of sex work, which are the hot spots, which clients are violent; so they need guidance from these (older sex workers) people.

She also added that for them to be protected from GBV, STIs, and HIV, the students need peer educators to assist them.

NAC provincial manager, Edgar Muzulu said as an institution, they were working around the clock to disseminate information on anti-retroviral therapy and HIV.

Sarah, a peer educator, said they can easily identify students at one of the new local beer outlets and have taken it upon themselves to educate them.

The students can be easily noticed because during the night and in night clubs, they will be wearing their name tags.

It is alleged that they also use these name tags to avoid being arrested by the police.



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