Woman dumps hubby over motorbike rides

A man from Zezani area in Beitbridge, Matabeleland South Province is in a tricky situation that any married man would never want to experience after his wife eloped with an Agritex officer who allegedly lured her with his “Government-issued” motorbike.

Debson Siziba was left heartbroken after his wife of about eight years Mbuyedzedzo Muleya left him with their two children while eloping to her lover Knowledge Gororo, an Agritex officer stationed in the area.

It was gathered that Mbuyedzedzo ditched her husband for Gororo after he “seduced” her with rides on his motorbike.

Narrating his unpleasant experience to B-Metro, a distraught Siziba said sometime in April this year, he discovered that Gororo was having an affair with his wife and was always giving her rides to Beitbridge Town on his motorbike.

He said that led his wife to fall in love with his (Gororo’s) motorcycle.

“They were always phoning each other and during my absence, Gororo would come to my house with his motorbike to see my wife until the day she left home under the pretext that she was visiting her aunt.

“When she didn’t come back the following day, I went to the aunt’s house where I was told that she had lied that she was visiting her. Investigations later established that she had eloped with Gororo and he came with his motorbike and took her away,” said a visibly stressed Siziba.

Siziba who was disturbed by the incident later followed his wife to Gororo’s place. He claimed that when he arrived, his wife locked herself in Gororo’s bedroom.

He got so angry and called the police to come and help him “recover” his wife who was now enjoying the biker’s love.

“Upon arrival, Gororo was not at home but his neighbours told me that my wife was inside the house. To avoid putting the law into my own hands, I called the police who came and demanded that she should open the door for them. She, however, refused, leading to one of the police officers to enter through the window to force her out of the house,” said Siziba.


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