Woman marries brother’s convicted killer!

HER brother was found dead in an apartment with a stab wound, little did she know that one day she’d fall in love with the convicted killer.

The woman ended up marrying the convicted killer and has insisted that her lover is innocent.

She reportedly believes that her sibling stabbed himself in the chest and shot himself in the head.

Crystal and John Tiedjen appeared on a TV show titled This Morning after they got married.

According to the Mirror, 57-year-old John was convicted of killing Crystal’s brother, Brian McGary, back in 1987 and spent 32 years in prison.

Crystal’s brother Brian had been John’s roommate, and Brian was found dead in their apartment with a stab wound and fatal gunshot wound to the head.

John was released from prison after it emerged that new evidence photos from police reports were not seen in the original trial.

Crystal said that she was determined to prove his innocence.

Crystal was just 12 years old when her brother died, while John described Brian as his “best friend”.

“People are not going to understand our relationship and we have to get over that,” the couple said.

Crystal said they first got in touch when one day she began thinking about him in prison.

“I wrote him a letter saying that I forgave him,” she said.

“He wrote me a letter back saying, ‘Thanks but I didn’t do it.’”

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