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Cop Rapes Breastfeeding Woman Who Had Come To Report GBV

Cop Rapes Breastfeeding Woman Who Had Come To Report GBV

A JUNIOR police officer has been arrested for allegedly rap_ing a 30-year-old breastfeeding woman who had gone to the police station to report a gender-based violence (GBV) case.


Constable Shakemore Muzanechita (50), who is stationed at ZRP Karoi Urban, Saturday appeared before Karoi magistrate Godwills Mavenge charged with rap_e as defined in Section 65 of the Criminal Law (Codification and Reform) Act Chapter 9:23.


Muzanechita was remanded in custody to Monday when bail ruling is expected after his lawyer Unite Saizi of Saizi Law Chambers applied for his freedom.


The state case, led by Pazvichaenda Munakira, is that on Thursday 27 May 2021 at around 8pm, the woman proceeded to ZRP Karoi Urban charge office to file a report of physical abuse against her husband and found Muzanechita on duty.


The police officer attended the complainant but never recorded the matter in police books as is the procedure.


Muzanechita allegedly asked the woman who had her breastfeeding baby strapped on her back to accompany him to her residence to arrest her husband.


Upon arrival at the woman’s house in Chiedza suburb, they failed to locate the wanted person.


Muzanechita then instructed the woman to leave the one-and-half-year-old baby behind as they went on a search for her husband at nearby beer-drinking spots.


The court heard complainant initially refused but Muzanechita insisted on her accompanying him on the hunt, resulting in her giving in to the request.


This took them to Kutepa beer outlet where they failed to locate woman’s husband.


The duo then decide to proceed to Hwata beer outlet.


En route to the drinking joint, the police officer proposed love to the woman who spurned his advances.


Muzanechita insisted on the woman giving him se_x so he could “thoroughly deal with her abusive husband” but the woman declined.


It was averred in court, a se_xually-charged Muzanechita grabbed complainant’s hand, dragged her off the tarred road and led her into a bush near Tafara Primary School.


At this point, the shocked woman failed to shout for help but only tried to stop her assailant by revealing she was HIV positive to which Muzanechita replied he had cond0ms.


Muzanechita then drew out a cond0m from his pocket and opened it using his teeth whilst still firmly holding the woman, the court further heard.


He lowered his trousers and boxer shorts before putting on the cond0m on his huge erect man hood using one hand and forced complainant to the ground.


The cop removed the woman’s trousers before having se_xual intercourse without her consent.


In the midst of the act, Muzanechita removed the cond0m and continued rap_ing his victim without protection.


After committing the crime, the police officer offered his victim shelter at his residence in Chikangwe but the woman refused arguing she had left her children unattended.


Muzanechita then escorted the woman to her house.


The following morning at around 7am, the distraught lady narrated her ordeal to a co-tenant who advised her to make a police report leading to Muzanechita’s arrest on Friday.

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