50 more Zupco buses arrive from China

FIFTY buses imported by Government from China have arrived into the country through Beitbridge Border Post to address transport challenges by capacitating the Zimbabwe United Passenger Company (Zupco).

Hundreds of buses are being imported from China and Belarus as the New Dispensation’s engagement and re-engagement drive continues to bear fruit.

In the last 12 months, Government has imported over 400 buses from the Asian economic powerhouse and Belarus.

The conventional buses which have helped to restore sanity in the public transport sector are arriving via the Durban port in South Africa.

The latest batch of 50 Golden Dragon buses imported from China arrived in the country via Beitbridge between Sunday and Monday morning.

The actual cost of the buses could not be readily verified, but a bus is sold at over US$50 000 in China.

Zupco’s acting chief executive officer, Mr Everisto Madangwa said he will give more details regarding the importation of the buses at a later stage.

“We are waiting for the buses to arrive in Harare. At this stage I cannot give much information,” he said.


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