70-Year-Old Woman Overjoyed as She Graduates From High School to Fulfil Dream

Hermelinda Sporea from Detroit, US, lost her father when she was a toddler and later on in her life had to leave school to work at a grocery shop to support her family.

According to Fox 2 Detroit, she got married and had five children. She even went to beauty school and opened her own salon but still had the urge of completing a lifelong dream.

After three trials to rejoin high school failed, it was not until her daughter started working at a community education at Utica schools that she joined and was able to study.

The lady said it was difficult at first because she did not understand math and was unsure how she would handle it, but eventually succeeded.

On whether she will attend college, the mother of five said she would love to have an associate degree since she’s doing nothing else. Sporea also noted she would love to study the brain and become a brain surgeon but was unsure if she had enough time on earth.


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