78-year-old Woman Seeks Help To Cleanse Her From Husband’s Charms

ZAMBIA :A 78 year old woman of Masaiti is asking for help to have her cleansed from charms she inherited from her late husband.

Violet Kitambala claims that she inherited the charms from her late husband who died five years ago.

She said the rodent-look-alike Gremlins are now demanding for human flesh.

Gremlins are believed to be supertitious beings dispatched by a sorcerer or witch to kill or harass their victims.

Kitambala is now seeking help from people who can cleanse her because she does not have any human flesh to give them.

“I want help so that those tuyobelas leave me and my family alone. There are three of them. I don’t know if my husband told them to come to me when he died. I have suffered at the hands of these things, they eat my share of food and whenever I am sleeping at night, they come to my bedside asking for human flesh and they steal my money,” complained Kitambala.

And senior Chief Chiwala of the Lamba speaking people commended her for coming out in the open.

“I will pay anyone who will manage to cleanse this woman. We have heard certain issues that have befallen her from the family, where now we need to come in as a chiefdom in a sense that we protect her from being harassed or being subjected to ill treatment.”

“This because when you look at issues pertaining to our way of life in the villages people accuse other people if being wizards and witches but here is the person that has come out in the open seeking for assistance,” said Chief Chiwala.

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