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$8 Million Worth Mutoriro Recovered

Police have joined forces with local communities in fighting drug abuse, especially crystal meth, recovering drugs worth over Z$8 million in recent weeks.

Known as “mutoriro” on the streets, crystal meth has increasingly become the drug of choice for thousands of youths in Zimbabwe who are mostly idle due to high unemployment.

Under operation ‘No to Crystal Meth’, and with credible intelligence from community members, police say they have since arrested at least 93 suspects and secured 67 convictions.

Police spokesperson Paul Nyathi said besides awareness campaigns, the law enforcement agents are using “several means, some of which we cannot reveal to the media” to nab drug peddlers.

“We are getting very valuable information from the community, our sources are informing us about drug peddlers and locations where they being sold and consumed. Of course, we don’t want to reveal our sources, otherwise will end up compromising them,” Nyathi said.

“At the current moment, we will not reveal exact details, because the moment we release these full details of the drug peddlers we are monitoring they will be alerted.”

Nyathi said police were “grateful to members of the public who have supplied credible information leading to the arrest of drug peddlers.”

Crystal meth peddling and abuse is said to be rampant mostly in high-density suburbs across the country including Mbare, Highfield, Kuwadzana in Harare; Makokoba in Bulawayo; and Mkoba in Gweru. -Hararelive

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