Actress Camilla Carter reflects on character

RISING from the gold mining town of Kwekwe, Trish “Camilla Carter” Tegwa is a relaxed, hard-working and disciplined actress. Away from the camera, the 23-year-old actress is an adviser and a good listener who loves sports and music. She is famed for her role as Camilla Carter in local drama series Estate Blues which airs on Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation Television (ZBCTV) at 1930hrs every Friday.



My profession began in 2018 as a lack of career guidance when I enrolled for a film and television production degree at the University of Zimbabwe. I, however, fell in love with the idea to represent and bring characters to reality. Though faced with rejection in establishing my career, I soldiered on with the hope that it only gets better. In 2019 I starred in a short film directed by Innocent Mwapangira called Husband Matters and I am hoping to grow as a character and to get more roles this year.

Role model


I am motivated by fellow African actress in Hollywood Danai Gurira and I can only say the sky is the limit.




I have been acting for a year and a few months. So far, the response from fans is amazing. Having to capture the script by heart in a short space of time and deliver the needed movements and facial expressions has been my greatest strength. I also have a passion for fashion. Costume plays a huge part in showcasing the character’s mood, intentions and occupation, so having to pick outfits to suit my character has been very exciting. As someone who loves being in front of the camera, I have an appreciation of the crew that works behind it. I love the whole experience from lighting, camera work, boom swinging, directing as well as editing.



I could say my ability to switch accents. The way I speak in person is totally different from how I speak on set. I guess being myself is powerful enough to distinguish me from the rest. Everyone is exceptional in their own way. I am uniquely Trish and I believe no one can take that away from me. The way I play a certain character can be totally different to the next actor.




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