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Architect graduate says she applied for 100 jobs, remains unemployed

Durban: Kimera Naicker has applied for 100 jobs, since graduating as an architect from the Durban University of Technology, in 2019.


Out of all her applications, Naicker, 23, from Woodview in Phoenix, only received three callbacks for interviews.

Despite the callbacks, she remains unemployed.


She is now working at her sister’s ophthalmology practice as a volunteer.


“I graduated cum laude with a BTech in architectural technology. I remembered feeling so accomplished and proud of myself. Back then, I envisioned myself having a good-paying job and having my own home. I never expected to be unemployed for such a long time.”

Naicker said the challenge was Covid-19.


“I approached companies for internships or vacancies for junior positions and most of the responses were that they were closed due to Covid-19 or there were no vacancies due to Covid-19. I am constantly on the internet looking for job opportunities. I have even applied for jobs that are out of my field, like administration posts, but still I am struggling to find employment. Since 2019 I must have applied for 100 jobs,” said Naicker.


She said she was lucky that she lived with her parents.


“I am fortunate to have supportive parents. They still take care of me financially. But I feel terrible having to rely on them because I am getting older and I should be able to stand on my own two feet. I feel like my life is at a standstill. We don’t know when Covid-19 is going to be over, so I don’t know what the future holds for me,” added Naicker.


Naicker said the government should focus on helping graduates secure employment.


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