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Armed robbers, drug lords put on notice

PRESIDENT Mnangagwa yesterday sounded the death knell to drug kingpins, drug peddlers, and gun-toting robbers after he instructed the country’s law enforcement agents to smoke out and bring such characters to book while urging the nation to emulate the life of the late Fr Emmanuel Ribeiro and shun vice.


Speaking at the burial of Fr Ribeiro at the National Heroes Acre yesterday, the President said the life of the late cleric was a shining example of hunhu/ubuntu from where the country, particularly the youth, can tap values of humility, courtesy, honesty, and thoughtfulness.

At a time when the country is grappling with a surge in the consumption of illicit drugs and also when Zimbabwe has in recent months witnessed a disturbing rise in gun-related crimes, the President said stern measures will be taken to stamp out such threats to the country’s moral fabric.


“The late Father Ribeiro also esteemed the hunhu/ubuntu philosophy. Let us draw from these values of humility, courtesy, honesty, and thoughtfulness as we build a morally upright and prosperous society. More-so when we face countless societal ills some of which can be attributed to the impact of globalisation. These threaten to flatten and overwhelm local cultures.

“Unbecoming trends such as the alarming entry of destructive drugs into our jurisdiction, threaten the fate of our youth. To the youth in general, bring honour to your families, communities, and nation. This is what we also learn from the late Father Ribeiro.


“There is need therefore to redouble our collective fight against this new phenomenon of drugs and harmful substance abuse. My Government will thus continue to take stern measures to stamp out this growing threat. In the same vein, gun-related crime will not be tolerated.


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