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Arrested Epworth Baby Snatcher Makes Shocking Revelations

An Epworth woman who was arrested yesterday for stealing an infant from Epworth poly-clinic has made some shocking revelations.


Christine Gwashavanhu from Murewa and a former teacher at three different schools in Mt Darwin told the police that “I was going to kill the baby and take head abroad in a cooler box”.

A 33-year-old woman, who was stopped from escaping Epworth Polyclinic with a stolen baby, says she would have gotten a kombi in South Africa if her mission had been successful.


Christine, who stays in Overspill, Epworth and claims to be a widowed mother of three, had initially used the name Jossy Kanzimbe before a close relative volunteered the correct name to police details handling the matter.


Police suspect, she might have been involved in other criminal activities hence the use of “Jossy Kanzimbe” name.


Yesterday it emerged that on Wednesday Christine first had access to a baby whose weight was “too much” before settling for the second option.


Emma Muwonde with the baby she almost lost on Wednesday




Such was the laxity of security at the clinic that she even took clinic regalia from one of the immediate rooms on arrival.


She then disguised herself as a general hand at the clinic, started sweeping the floor and gained access into five rooms before getting to the maternity ward where she pounced on Emma Muwonde’s baby.


Yesterday, Christine was taken to the crime scene where she exposed holes in the clinic’s security.


She told H-Metro it was her second time at the clinic but for different reasons.


“It was my second time to come to the clinic and this time I wanted to steal the baby for sale in a neighbouring country.


“My first visit here was to see one of my friends, who had given birth some time ago.”


She then explained what pushed her into the daring act on Wednesday.


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