Australian legislator hails Zimbabwe’s vaccination campaign

An Australian lawmaker has implored Sydney to copy Zimbabwe’s example in a scathing rebuke of Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s government over its mishandling of the Covid-19 pandemic.


Zimbabwe has received rave reviews for its Covid-19 response and special praise from the World Health Organisation (WHO) for the way it has confronted the global pandemic.


Julian Hill — the Federal Member for Bruce said only 2,7 percent of Australians had been fully vaccinated and told his parliament that Zimbabwe had done well in this regard.

His praise comes barely a week after South African opposition leader and rabid critic of the Second Republic, Mr Julius Malema, admitted that he was contemplating taking his Covid-19 vaccine in Zimbabwe.


“Only 2,7 percent of Australians have been fully vaccinated. Zimbabwe is doing better.


“The rest of the world has a choice in vaccines, but not Australians. We could have as much Pfizer as we wanted, but the Prime Minister just said no,” he said.


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