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Battle for mine control turns nasty

The battle for control of a rich gold mine in Odzi near Mutare turned nasty last weekend after Zanu PF councillor Luxon Mawanga reportedly fired three gunshots as he tried to scare away his rival’s security guards.

Mawanga, who leads Paari Mining Syndicate, is embroiled in a bitter ownership wrangle for the mine with Twin Castle Resources manager Antioch Chaibo.

The matter was reported at Odzi Police Station on Sunday under RRB 4587275.


Police records seen by NewsDay Weekender yesterday indicate that Mawanga fired three warning shots as he tried to frighten and cow Twin Castle’s security administrator Elvis Chiwanga.


“On the day (Saturday) at around 6pm on May 30, I proceeded to Vhoiri area mine to pay security guards of Twin Castle of their salaries,” Chiwanga said in his statement to police.


“I arrived at the mine and paid the security guards, then proceeded back to the road where we had parked our motor vehicle.

“While on my way back, I met the accused (Mawanga), who came from his vehicle and fired a shot into the air.


“He then grabbed me with his left hand while the right hand was holding a pistol and remarked ‘unofira mahara’ (you will die for nothing) before pushing me away and I did not do anything.”


Another security guard at the mine, Watson Mukahadzo, police records also show, said Mawanga fired three shots.


“On May 30, 2021 at around 2pm, the accused arrived at the mine from his homestead and fired three shots (into the air) for no apparent reason and he also fired one shot when our security guard administrator had come to pay us at around 6pm,” he said


Mawanga, however, dismissed the claims as false.




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