Bev Sibanda Narrates How Husband “Abused” Her And Always Made Her Cry

Following the recent collapse of her marriage to United Kingdom-based Chambuka Mufudzi, Beverly “Bev” Sibanda has accused her estranged husband of being an abusive, womanising control freak who was juggling 50 women at one time. The controversial dancer claimed that Mufudzi always found a way to make her cry even though he was in the United Kingdom and she was in Zimbabwe.


The 18-month marriage appears to have gone up in smoke after the queen of dance blew a gasket on Sunday and exposed her cheating husband’s shenanigans on social media.

In a live interview on social media with comedian and media personality Mai TT, Bev said


“He is abusing me; he always suspects me of cheating and he makes me cry whilst he is that far.


“I always cry and he can just block me from nowhere even during times of happiness.


“I found out there were 50 women in his phone, I will post more of them on Facebook.”

She went on to allege that Mufudzi had not been taking care of her and that he had been neglecting to send money for rentals and food.


“He is the one cheating and for two months, he has not been sending money, even rent or anything.


“He told me that I will suffer and worse the entertainment industry is closed.”


“Last week he only sent US$130 and I paid for kids’ transport, I paid all the debts, and I was left with nothing.


“He is the one who has been looking after my 12-year-old child,” said Bev.


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