Bizzare Punishment For Cheating Hubby

A woman found out that her husband had been having an affair with their neighbour for seven months and even got her pre_gnant.

Instead of going crazy, she cut holes in every pair of underwear, shorts, and trousers he owned to make a point about his struggle to “keep it in his trousers” and then divorced him.

In the TikTok video, the woman said she discovered her husband had been having an affair.

“In 2006, I found out my husband had been having a seven-month-long affair with our neighbour and got her preg_nant. So, I took a pair of scissors and cut a hole in every pair of underwear, shorts, and pants he owned.”

According to The Mirror, she did this before ditching him for good.

She reportedly left a note that told him exactly why she wasn’t going to be sticking around.

When the SunTeam asked readers on social media how they would react if they were in this situation, Mosneck Motsilanyane said: “We marry you and you start misbehaving, hence neighbours come and take over.”

Quality Mfoka Mbanga: “If you’re cheating and never get caught, they are cheating too ain’t nobody that dumb.”

Moja Letsuma: “The neighbour is very wicked and heartless. . . looking at you and having conversations with you, while knowing that her and your husband are an item. Cruelty at its best xem.”

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