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Brawl With Lover’s Wife Lands Former Studio 263 Actress Chipo Bizure In The Dock

Former Studio 263 actress Chipo Bizure appeared in court after being accused of disorderly conduct and malicious damage to property following a brawl with her boyfriend’s wife.


Initially, Bizure had appeared in ccourt on Friday where she pleaded guilty to the two charges.


However, on Monday, Bizure changed her plea to not guilty and was remanded to June 23 for trial commencement.

It is alleged that on June 8 at around 2am, Bizure went to Mapfumo’s place of residence in Avonlea and reportedly started to ring the intercom demanding to see her boyfriend Sugar Chagonda or Mapfumo’s husband who was inside the house.


The court heard that after being told that she had to return in the morning, Bizure started blowing her car horn and banging the gate. When she discovered that the gate was not locked, she went inside and destroyed two bar stools that were on the veranda.

It is further alleged that upon hearing the noise, Mapfumo and her son went out and Bizure ran outside and locked herself in the car and was hooting at the gate till 5:30 am.


On Monday, Bizure changed her plea and said she only hooted once and broke the bar stools by mistake not intentionally as alleged by the State and is willing to compensate Mapfumo H-Metro reports.


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