Bulawayo faces Covid-19 vaccine shortage

Bulawayo is reportedly facing a shortage of Covid-19 vaccines with residents who went to vaccination centres intending to take their first doses turned back.

Only those who are taking their second doses are being attended to.

Bulawayo City Council (BCC) Director of Health Services Dr Edwin Sibanda confirmed the development adding that they were expecting a delivery of more vaccines on Thursday.

“We have not received them because what the Ministry is trying to do is to check stock on excess so they are trying to collect that excess and bring it down here, as of this morning (Thursday) the vaccines had not arrived,” said Dr Sibanda.

He said the Ministry of Health and Child Care initially distributed equal doses in all provinces but others had a low uptake.

“When they distributed vaccines originally, we all had equal amounts, but in other provinces, the uptake compared to consumption was slow while some provinces such as Bulawayo and Harare are moving fast,” said Dr Sibanda.

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