Cheating Married Woman Cored By Buffalo

A Kariba married woman who left her matrimonial home, under unclear circumstances, escaped death by a whisker when she was attacked by a wounded buffalo on Monday afternoon.

Kerry Murimbika suffered injuries on her left thigh with the horn piercing to the other side and was rushed to Kariba district hospital where she was admitted.


Her husband Silvester Mushaiki said his investigation had led to information that she was in the company of a boyfriend when she was attacked.

“I was not around when this happened. I was only told of the incident through a phone call and went home but my wife was already at Kariba hospital.


“Through my own investigations I found out that she was in the company of a boyfriend thus I proceeded to his house with the hospital prescription and the alleged boyfriend was just trembling without any word,” said Mushaiki.

He added: “I just want my wife to recover and pursue the issue with Jairos, through whatever mean necessary.”


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