Chief embroiled in gold mineral claims

A CHIEF of the Mambo dynasty, Bekezela Nyathi is embroiled in a bitter wrangle over mineral claims for gold in Fort Rixon with a miner Blessed Ndiweni.


The claims in question are at Car Rhom North 20 mine, which is located at Mount Royal Fort Farm, Fort Rixon in Matabelaland South.

“Mount Royal Farm is legally owned by Patrick Hove, while Mambo is a plot holder inside the farm where my mine is located,” Ndiweni said.


“Nyathi is exploiting minerals and selling them to the black market, while he has no mining permit. He is always collecting gold ore using a three-tonne truck and taking it to a stamping mill using South African registered vehicles. Who knows where he is taking the minerals? These are the people who might be involved in smuggling gold out of the country,” he said.


Ndiweni claimed that recently he approached the police over the matter. Contacted for comment Nyathi said he did not even know Ndiweni, adding that he only spoke to him on the phone.


“I was looking for people who were illegally mining in our farm and left open pits which killed our 10 cattle.”


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