Chipinge councillors walk out of meeting

THREE Chipinge Town councilors this week walked out of a full council meeting after a deadlock over two land deals.


The trio – Lovemore Mkwapati (Ward Six), Sarah Mlambo (Ward Three) and Haruchemi Vushe Nhengu (Ward Seven) – were at loggerheads with five other councillors during Monday’s meeting, accusing them of having interests in two land deals that had been brought before the city fathers for scrutiny.


They accused their fellow councillors of parceling land to their close business associates, leaving out those on the waiting list.

Chaos reigned supreme when some councillors seconded to the parceling of the land to a youth organisation, Zimbabwe Youth Project and one Saziya.


Saziya is said to have applied for land for a timber business, while Zimbabwe Youth Project wants land for brick moulding.


Cllr Mkwapati told The Manica Post soon after walking out of the full council meeting that they want the issue to be discussed in a special committee meeting which includes everyone.


“We walked out of the meetings because we were not happy about the manner this issue was being handled. We argued that the matter should be tabled in a special committee meeting where all other committees will fully scrutinise the deals.

“There are a lot of people and organisations who are on the waiting list and should also be considered. We believe some of the councillors have interests in these two land deals,” said Cllr Mkwapati.


Cllr Mlambo concurred with Cllr Mkwapati and said: “We should agree on all aspects because when we make resolutions they should have buy-in from all stakeholders.”


However, the council chairperson, Cllr Zivanayi Nyakuchena said the meeting went on well despite the walk out by the three councillors.


“The meeting proceeded well and those who boycotted it have other sinister agendas. We brought the issue for deliberation before a full council meeting where everyone can contribute and I believe everything was done above board,” he said.

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