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Security guards and staff at Bulawayo’s Choppies Parklands Supermarket have been questioned by police over the armed robbery that happened last Thursday when robbers stole seven trunks full of cash, the takings from all the retail chain’s branches in Bulawayo that day.

Police suspect that the robbery was an inside job and Criminal Investigations Department crack teams from both Harare and Bulawayo have since been activated to investigate and track the suspects who are still at large.


Police have said they were still trying to verify the amount of money stolen during the robbery.

The gang of armed robbers is believed to have trailed the Romicon Security cash-in-transit vehicle as it collected cash from six Choppies Supermarket shops around the city, and pounced on it as it made its seventh collection at the Parklands branch.


They fired warning shots and threatened to shoot anyone who resisted. The Romicon Security guards were disarmed before the gang grabbed the six trunks from the cash-in-transit vehicle and loaded them in a kombi labelled “armoured cash-in-transit vehicle”.

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