Cop collapses, dies

A police officer collapsed and died in his vehicle while in the company of a friend at Chirunga shops in Unit K, Chitungwiza.


The deceased, Makomborero Mazowe is alleged to have had breathing challenges on Sunday around 7pm while in the company of Cindy Vhutusa, before he passed on. A post mortem is now being conducted to ascertain the cause of his death.


National police spokesperson, Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi yesterday confirmed the death. The passenger, Cindy Vhutusa who stays in Unit J, Chitungwiza, yesterday said the two were friends.  “I started knowing the guy sometime in July while I was searching for a job and I was just chatting with him via the phone, but we were not in a serious relationship.


“On the day in question, he visited me and we were chatting just like other usual days. So while we were in the car he started having breathing challenges, like someone snoring and I asked for help, but people whom I called assumed he had diabetes. Someone then advised that he was dead.”


“He once told me that he had high blood pressure and heart problems,” she said.


“When he died his body was in the car for the whole night while people were waiting for the Criminal Investigations Department homicide department,” she said. One of the eyewitnesses who declined to be named said the two were in a relationship.


“When people saw that the guy had died, they phoned the police and lied to the girl that an ambulance was coming in fear that she would run away.”

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