Covid-19: Millionth milestone reached

Sometime late on Saturday afternoon an unknown Zimbabwean was given the millionth jab in the national Covid-19 vaccination programme, marking another milestone in the long but steady progress to achieve herd immunity.


On Saturday, according the latest statistics from the Ministry of Health and Child Care, 10 156 received their first jab and another 15 513 their second, taking the totals to 666 786 first doses and 335 679 for the second, a grand total of 1 002 465 jabs and suggesting the millionth jab was fairly late in the day, an hour or so before the nursing teams called it a day and packed up.

With the need to commit another 331 107 doses for second doses for those who have received their first jab but not the second, this means Zimbabwe has used or committed 1 333 572 doses from the initial deliveries of 1 635 000 doses for the general population plus another 100 000 doses given recently by the Chinese military for the Zimbabwean Defence Forces.


The totals mean that there are 401 428 doses still in stock for newcomers, enough for both doses for more than 200 000 unvaccinated people, plus another 331 107 reserved for second doses, a total of 732 535 doses in the cold rooms and fridges of the medical teams.



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