Covid-19 wave pushes demand for vaccines in Zimbabwe


The current Covid-19 outbreak in Kariba has pushed the demand for vaccination, resulting in stock-out of the critical preventive and protective jabs. All the Sinopharm doses have been dispensed for the first and second jabs while only the second jab remains for the Sinovac vaccine.


Kariba, together with Hurungwe and Kwekwe have been identified as hotspots resulting in them being placed under localised lockdown to stem the spread of the virus. Acting Kariba district medical officer Mr Malvern Dhliwayo confirmed the stock-out in a town which currently has 176 active Covid-19 cases.



“Demand for vaccination is high but we are out of the vaccine. The Sinopharm doses have been exhausted for both the first and second doses.


“As for Sinovac, we are only left with the second doses. It means we are out of first dose,” said Dr Dhliwayo.


Kariba district received 3960 of the Sinopharm vaccine, with 1980 each dispensed as first and second doses. The district received 7920 Sinovac doses with 3955 doses being given as the first dose and a balance of five outstanding doses at Kanyati Clinic and Kariba rural.


At least 1 834 doses have been given out as the second dose with 2126 yet to get their second dose.


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