‘Cyber terrorism threat to peace’

President Mnangagwa yesterday said every country was now under threat from social media malcontents and cyber terrorism and urged the country’s military training establishments to evolve with the changing global technologies to combat growing threats to peace and stability.

He was speaking during the commissioning of 138 regular officer cadets who completed their 21-month military training course at the Zimbabwe Military Academy (ZMA) in Gweru.

He said the Zimbabwe Defence Forces (ZDF) remained the guarantors of the country’s sovereignty, peace and security, hence the need for the army to adapt to the changing military tactics.

“Sadly, cyber and social media threats, cross border crime and terrorism are before us. These have far-reaching direct and indirect consequences to our internal peace, security, economic well-being and national interest and must remain on the radar of the security establishments.

“In view of the new realities, the training architecture within the Zimbabwe Military Academy must be agile and accordingly evolve,” said President Mnangagwa.

There was need, he said, for regular reviewing of the training courses at the ZMA and other military training centres for the security sector to remain relevant and to be abreast with the maintenance of peace and stability in the wake of new world demands.

“Equally, the need for continuous improvement on the part of the regular officers cadet course graduates, both military and academic, cannot be overemphasised. No one can tell what the future holds for us.

“It is my expectation that officers, men and women of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces, remain capable and skilful guarantors of our sovereignty, territorial integrity, national peace, security and interests. These are essential pre-requisites for development,” he said.

Peace was the backbone of development to any economy and the ZDF were expected to be innovative while moving with the changing times.


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