Dangote’s alleged side chic delighted as U.S. Court dismisses suit against her

Autumn Spike, the alleged former girlfriend of Africa’s richest man, Aliko Dangote, has taken to the social media to jubilate after a U.S. court dismissed the lawsuit filed against her.


Aliko Dangote under the pseudonym John Doe filed a civil suit against Ms Spike in January, seeking “excess of $30,000” in damages against her after she shared a controversial video of herself together with him on her Instagram page on January 1st, 2021.

The video which quickly went viral on social media after Spike first posted it on her Instagram account showed the billionaire lying on a couch with Ms. Spike sitting next to him.

Following the video release, Dangote accused Spike of libel, defamation, and a breach of agreement “to keep their relationship private and away from the social media.” Also, Dangote accused her of attempting to extort him through her demand for $5 million in palimony.

The court has now dismissed the case following the plaintiff, Aliko Dangote’s voluntary withdrawal. While Dangote’s counsel stated in the “Notice of Dismissal” that Spike’s conduct which was the object of complaint has ceased, she insisted she was vindicated because Dangote’s legal team had no evidence to back claims against her.


Autumn Spike took to her Instagram page to react as she stated that she is finally vindicated.

She shared screenshots of the court documents.


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She wrote; ”I won because I vindicated. Justice has been served. He had nothing to provide because he lied.

The truth will come out now. It’s my turn to tell my truth. THE TRUTH.


”This whole case has been frivolous. He sued me with no real factual basis.

He had til sept 30 to submit a second amended compliant with more evidence of extortion. And since this never transpired in the first place… he waited to the night before to file a “voluntary dismissal without prejudice”. Basically to avoid paying my legal fees.

Nothing about this says he “went easy on me and called it quits”. He’s a liar and he’s petty.

But being that we’re both Aries he met his match. 😉

I attempted to go about all this privately in the first place. But he turned around and sued me publicly 🤷🏽‍♀️🥱

So I defend myself, show you the cards he’s playing and I’m this and that…

You’re not bullying anyone and I’m definitely not scared to clear all this bullshit up that you started.

Sincerely you got me F****d up,

Autumn Spikes”

“Never extorted him. Never was a side chick. Never was an escort, never was a prostitute, you were a part of me for the past decade and you really hurt me with this.”243649883_966549463928840_3051429933275581106_n




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