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Decuplets dad Tebogo Tsotetsi speaks out as he automatically becomes a millionaire

Decuplets dad Tebogo Tsotetsi said he was overwhelmed by the support the family had received, and assured South Africans that his babies did exist.


“I feel blessed and I am happy for the support I am getting,” he said in Cape Town yesterday, as he spoke about the overwhelming support they had received since the news broke of the Guinness World Record births.


On Monday, Tsotetsi’s wife Gosiame Thamara Sithole, 37, gave birth to seven boys and three girls – two more than the eight children doctors had earlier detected during medical scans – at a hospital in Pretoria.

The father of 16 said the journey had not been easy and that he cried when he heard of the additions to the family.


“There’s not many words I have to express how I feel, but in reality I am still shocked, excited, and I feel blessed and overwhelmed by the support that I am getting.”


He said he was grateful that God chose him to be the father of the miracles, especially in a trying time like Covid-19, but added that due to the sensitivity of the matter, the family wanted to keep certain information about the babies private.

“As you are aware, even the doctors have not said anything about it, and the hospital, because they know the sensitivity of this kind of birth. It is a unique situation,” he said.


“Everything will happen at the right time. People will see the babies at the right time and I also know that the doctors will release their statement at the right time as well.”


The father of 16 has not seen the 10 new additions to his family in person, but without sharing their names, he said that his faith, religion and church inspired their names.


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