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Decuplets Mom Is A Side Chick Who Already Had 5 Children: New Details Emerge

New details have emerged about the South African woman who set a new Guinness record by giving birth to decuplets, 10 live babies, at once. Some publications have revealed that the decuplets mom, Gosiame Thamara Sithole is actually a side chick and is not married to the father of the 10 bundles of joy, Teboho Tsotetsi.


South African publication The Citizen reports that Tsotetsi is married to someone else and that he has been having an adulterous affair with Sithole.

Tsotetsi is reported to have been less than enthused when he learned that his side chick was expecting multiple babies and is alleged to have harangued her for not taking contraceptives.


The source who is alleged to be close to Sithole spoke to the publication and disputed some of the details which had been published by the Pretoria News when it broke the story on Tuesday.

According to the source, Sithole already had five children before falling pregnant and not two as was reported. The source claimed that Sithole’s six-year-old triplets and three-year-old twins are currently being taken care of by her family.


The source also disputed that Sithole is a retail store manager as was reported earlier, insisting that she is unemployed.


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