Drama as jealousy woman chops off hubby’s 4-5!

A JEALOUS wife waited for her husband to fall asleep before she did the unthinkable.

She took a pair of scissors and chopped off his penis. She later drove him, and the remains of the penis, to a hospital where doctors in Vietnam battled for hours to reattach the manhood.

According to The Daily Star, Dr Nguyen Thanh Tuan and his team were asked to reconnect the recovered portion of the penis.

Dr Tuan said there were many difficulties to overcome with the operation, especially on the part of the penis where the blood supply had been absent for around seven hours.

“The penis is cut with scissors, so the doctor has to treat the wound and wash the severed part thoroughly to avoid infection,” said Dr Tuan.

“This operation requires the use of special microsurgery glasses and the surgeon must be trained in microsurgery, vascular surgery.”

It’s understood police were investigating the incident, which reportedly happened because the wife was jealous of her husband’s popularity with other women.

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