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Dumped hubby stalks, beats up ex

A MPOPOMA woman regrets dumping her husband whom she had been married to for seven years as he now beats her whenever he meets her.


Teclar Moyo is reportedly fed up with Marvelous Banda who reportedly follows her everywhere she goes to bash her as revenge for breaking up with him.




As a result of Banda’s violent behaviour Moyo decided to seek justice from the courts.


“We had huge challenges in our marriage because he had extra-marital affairs so I broke up with him and decided to move out. The problem I am facing is that he does not want to leave me alone. He follows me wherever I go. He comes to my house and insults me and beats me in front of our child,” said Moyo.






As if that is not enough, Banda destroys Moyo’s property whenever he gets the chance to get into her house.


“When he forces himself into my house he picks some of my property and throws it on the ground. I am therefore applying to this court to assist me by stopping him from assaulting me, insulting me and to stop coming to my place,” said Moyo.


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