e304m waste-to-energy project at Pomona kicks off

Work on the €304 million Pomona waste-to-energy waste disposal unit that will get rid of the garbage and generate up to 22MW of electricity should start this week, acting city Mayor Musarurwa Mutizwa has said.

The upgrade of the Pomona dumpsite by Geogenix BV has a national project status, which should help to speed up implementation and sort out the waste site, which has seen spontaneous fires. It will fuel a small power station about two percent the size of Kariba South.

Speaking during the recent national clean-up campaign led by Zanu PF vice president Cde Kembo Mohadi in Hatcliffe, Mayor Mutizwa said all was set for the construction of the project.

“This week work is starting at the Pomona dumpsite where we have got an agreement. We are going to see an out-of-this-world infrastructure. We will make money out of garbage collection.

“Plans are in order for the construction of a landfill. Our plan is actually beyond a landfill as the project was approved by the Government after the Cabinet gave the nod and as council we have already signed the agreement.”

The simple earth-fill Pomona dumpsite is being converted into a modern garbage plant.

Under the deal, the investor will design, build, operate and transfer the Pomona waste facility and waste-to-energy power station.

Geogenix BV representative, Mr Giuseppe Ciaffaglione, recently said they are committed to do a comprehensive job under this project. It is a very huge project for us and for Harare as well and we assure that within a short period the quality of environment and life of the citizens of Harare will change,” he said.

The present dump, which sees garbage just heaped and then covered with earth, is considered very old fashioned and dangerous, with several major fires over the years.

Geogenix B.V will operate the facility for 30 years before handing it over to Harare City Council.


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