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Epworth Polygamist (25) Sees Fire After Wives Get Him Locked Up

A 25-year-old polygamist from Epworth is crying foul after his wives got him arrested.


Munashe Mapiye who is a gold panner courted the ire of two of his wives after he took some of their property and gave it to his first wife.

This comes after the polygamist decided to divorce his first wife, only identified as Memory, by giving her gupuro, the customary divorce token.

Memory did not fight the cultural divorce and accepted that her husband wanted to continue his life without her. However, she demanded her share of the property that the couple had acquired during the subsistence of their marriage.


Mapiye surprisingly took Memory and her brother, to his other two other wives. He took some of the property belonging to his second wife, Chipo Munemo (29) and his third wife Ashley Kachiwara (19), and handed it over to Memory. He insisted that the property rightfully belonged to his first wife.

This did not go down well with the two junior wives. Ashley is alleged to have plotted with some of Mapiye’s disgruntled relatives to file a number of charges against him at Epworth Police Station.


The polygamist is now facing charges which include assault, theft of trust property and attempted murder.


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