Female SHS student caught on tape sm0kiŋg on campus like pro [Watch]

A video currently circulating on social media captures a female Senior High School student smokiŋg on campus in the presence of her colleagues.

It is so sad that in this era, sm0king and taking alc0h0l has become the new normal for small school girls and boys.

This young girl was captured in a video sm0king an unknown substance while her male colleagues cheered her on.

How we wish this was a boy it could atleast make some sense but for a girl and still in SHS –this must have been a disturbing concern to any parent who still imagines that her daughter was still a kid.

Further, these secondary students are eating wɛɛd like biscuits, engaging is reckless 0rgiɛs with persons three times their age as well as clʋbbing every Friday to Sunday.

From all indications, the unidentified student is a heavy smoker as she sm0ked the substance with ease.

This video which has been trending now has left parents much in confusion about what is going on in the minds of this generation which seems to only listen to ‘adult’ content.

Watch the video below :


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