Foreigners banned from running hair & beauty salons in South Africa

The hay days of foreign nationals running various businesses throughout South Africa are probably coming to an end as angry local youths who are searching for jobs in South Africa are not taking this situation lightly and kindly.

For the past few weeks, if not months, Patriotic Alliance teamed up with the Operation Dudula movement and organized an investigation exercise of businesses and shops operated by foreigners throughout various townships in the Gauteng province in South Africa.

This came after it was reported that a portion of those businesses are allegedly promoting and selling illegal and fake merchandise.

The beforehand talked about bunches moreover expressed that the majority of businesses run by foreigners must be shut down as the industry should be exclusive to South African citizens only.

A South African lawyer, who refers to himself on Twitter as Joe, has taken the situation a step further and called for foreigners from Nigeria, Ghana, Malawi and Zimbabwe to be banned from running businesses in the hair and beauty industry.

He asserted that this business is meant for South African citizens only. He further urged foreign business people to permanently shut down their hair and beauty businesses or face the wrath of Operation Dudula from unemployed South Africans.

“South Africans ought to assume management over the Hair and Beauty Industry from Nigerians, Ghanaians, Malawi and Zimbabweans. In their nations this Industry is safeguarded. This giant variety of outsiders ought to depart that enterprise space previous the implied is completed. Put South Africans First we will not be onlookers.

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