Getting Out Of Hand: Zimbabwe Coronavirus Resurgence Inflict Fear

A coronavirus resurgence in Zimbabwe has inflicted fear in some citizens who now believe that the situation is getting out of hand.


Zimbabwe is experiencing a coronavirus resurgence and fears abound that the surge in the number of new infections and deaths will prompt the government to impose another national lockdown.


The Ministry of Health and Child Care on 16 June reported that the country had recorded 238 new coronavirus cases, 19 recoveries and 3 deaths.


This propelled the number of cases officially recorded since March last year to 40 556 while recoveries rose to 37 075. Active cases as of 16 June were 1841 while the death toll rose to 1640.


Reacting to the statistics, some Zimbabweans suggested the country should brace for a great high jump. Pindula News present some of the responses starting with one by Thabani Sibanda @t_dawu:


_1 in 10 people tested for Covid-19 is returning a positive test. This is worrying; it suggests there is more disease in the community, and also shows we are not testing enough._


Mukoma Stanslaus @Stanslausmbd was in agreement adding that preventive measures need to be enhanced. Said Stanlaus:


_It’s getting out of hand Please may you also encourage the public to sanitize their hands-on EXIT especially on exiting supermarkets or indoor gatherings I think it might help._


Paidamoyo Mutsvairo @PaidamoyoMutsv1 also reiterated the need to continue observing measures recommended to curb the spread of the coronavirus. Said Mutsvairo:


_Cases continue to surge. People must not tire, but continue to sanitize, social distance & wearing masks!_


As a way to fight the novel virus, the government embarked on a vaccination programme targeting to inoculate about 60 percent of the total population. Meanwhile, it seems the vaccines are not sufficient to achieve that.


Several people have in the recent past have been expressing concern over the acute shortage of vaccines. Posting on Twitter, a concerned citizen using a handle Mai2 @MissOtty1, said:


_Please help l received 1st jab of Covax vaccination at Mt Pleasant Polyclinic now l am due for the second Jab and it seems as if no1 has it. Please help if you know where l can get it._


COVID-19 taskforce chief coordinator Agnes Mahomva confirmed the shortage, adding that the government was in the process of redistributing vaccines from areas with an oversupply.



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