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Departed socialite and business mogul Genius “Ginimbi” Kadungure might have died six months ago but he still remains a topical figure.


His fans, friends and relatives have been anxiously waiting for his memorial service or clarity over the issue as well as property sharing.


H-Metro reporter TAKAWIRA “PHOTOVET” DAPI had a chat with Juliet Kadungure, the elder sister to the late business mogul who clarified several issues regarding Ginimbi’s estate, memorial service and other issues. Read on…

Photovet: How far true is it that Ginimbi’s memorial service was recently staged by his friends whilst putting on all-black in Harare?


Juliet: Firstly, Ginimbi’s memorial service will not be done before we hold our mother’s memoria

I think you are also aware that we also lost our younger brother called Andrew on 01 January 2019, before Ginimbi died.

PHOTOVET: So which date have you settled for the memorial service?




Juliet: We cannot do anything about Ginimbi so far because customarily, you are ordered to start with the elders’ graves first.




So I am thinking, though it has to be discussed again, probably we might join Ginimbi and Andrew’s memorials, since they are brothers, but we are going to start with our mother’s first because her relatives said we must start with their daughter, that is our mother’s first.


Photovet: Who in particular said this from your mothers’ side?


Juliet: It was from her brothers, it was not a matter of silencing but hey just said they wanted to make things easy for us by starting with one who is not of their blood then latter join our brothers’ memorial since it will be for our blood relatives,




It was an advice from vana sekuru vedu, they were freeing us in actual fact.


Photovet: When exactly is the joint memorial for Ginimbi and Andrew going to be held?


Juliet: Soon after our mother’s biological village for more details.




We do not want to seem as if we want to disrespect our mother’s parents.




From there, I will then calculate how much money and time it can take to construct a mausoleum.




Afterwards, the memorial for Ginimbi will surely be held after his mausoleum has constructed.




Photovet: How much did you budget for Ginimbi’s mausoleum or did you discuss with him before his death.


Juliet: I never discussed with Ginimbi anything about life after his death.




I wouldn’t know semunhu anga ane status wooka, I think wherever he is, he would be happy to see us building something dignified for him back here on earth.




Photovet: Your comment on allegations that Ginimbi’s casket was later found outside his mansion?


Juliet: How can a casket be found outside the grave?


If it was true, journalists must have been there to prove to the world that surely that casket is coming out daily, mobva mari miriraka richibudaka pa-mansion pacho.




Nothing of that nature ever happened; I think you still remember also a picture of a Lamborghini car on fire during Ginimbi’s funeral, but Ginimbi’s Lamborghini is still intact and parked inside his garages at his mansion today.




Ginimbi’s mansion is still free to visit, it is still the same, you will not notice that Ginimbi is late, his property is still intact.


Photovet: Thank you for the interview.


Juliet: You are welcome.

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