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Gogo Found In Shallow Grave, Muzukuru Arrested For Fraud

A 60-year-old woman who vanished two years ago has been found in a shallow grave and her granddaughter has been arrested after she was caught using her bank card.

LITTLE DID THEY KNOW SHE WAS RIGHT UNDER THEIR NOSES until a tenant discovered gogo’s body in a shallow grave in her yard in Emdeni, Soweto while doing his usual sweeping on Sunday morning.

Although they are in pain over her death, gogo’s family is relieved the 60-year-old has been found.

Her sister-in-law (62) said: “The last time we heard from her was in December 2019. Her granddaughter told us she left to attend a former colleague’s funeral in Protea.”

But when the family asked some of her colleagues about the funeral, none of them knew about it.

“That’s when we opened a missing persons case. When we asked for her documents and bank cards, her granddaughter claimed she left with them,” she said.

Gogo’s sister-in-law said they then searched local mortuaries with no luck.

When a man used this gogo’s Sassa card recently, she was already buried in her back yard. Photos by Trevor Kunene

“I searched for her in all the places we could think of with her grandson, who was very close to her. This boy is going to need counselling,” she said.

A cop said they had been working tirelessly on this case.

“We worked hard to track gogo. Her cellphone location pointed out to Emdeni, indicating she never left the area.”

The cop said gogo’s family cancelled her bank cards, except her Sassa card. So cops traced the card and it was found in her granddaughter’s possession, who had been using it for nine months.

“We traced the card to a retailer where it was last used and asked for footage, which revealed the person who swiped it.

“It was a man who claimed he was sent by gogo’s granddaughter to get her some necessities. That’s how the suspect was arrested, although she was later released on bail of R1 000. Her failure to attend her court case led to her being arrested again,” said the officer.

He said when gogo’s remains were dug up, they indicated she had been strangled.

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