Grade Seven Pupil Commits Suicide After Parents Refuse To Let Him Go Watch UEFA Champions League Finals

A young boy from Kenya committed suicide after his parents allegedly refused to let him go watch the UEFA Champions League finals on Saturday.


Mavin Ochieng Okuku, a grade seven student at Ramba Primary School in Suba North constituency, Kenya reportedly wanted to go to Ramba trading centre to watch the match between Chelsea and Manchester City which aired at 10 pm on Saturday.


According to Pulse, Mavin who was a die-hard soccer fan requested to go watch the game but his parents declined and told him to go to bed instead.


The mother locked his bedroom door from outside to prevent him from sneaking from home and that’s when the young boy reportedly hung himself.


He was found with a trouser tied around his neck inside the room where he was sleeping


The body was discovered by his mother who went to wake him up. iHarare

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