Granny paid $4000 for a dodgy Toyota

A Milnerton ouma says she lost all her savings and is now stuck with a rusty old car.

Tania 57, says she spotted an online advert in November 2021 for her favourite car, a white 2012 Toyota Aygo, selling for $4 000.

She contacted the advertiser, car salesperson Omer Obaray, and they brought her the car for a test drive.

“They assured me the vehicle was in top condition, and I believed them,” says Tania.

“I paid them $4 000, filled in a yellow and blue form whereupon they told me that they have already put the vehicle through the roadworthy test and they will sort the licence out on their side, I just needed to go to Milnerton Traffic Department and pay for my licence disk.”

She says it was only after she paid that Obaray informed her that the wiper water bottle needs to be installed and within the first week, the right indicator broke.

“In December, a traffic officer pulled me over because my backlights were not working,” says Tania.

She says Obaray claimed it was normal wear and tear.

“I knew it was a lie. I then decided to resell the vehicle, but to my shock, the potential buyers told me it had a front smash and they showed me white powder residue inside the bonnet, and that the right CV joint was leaking or something.

“I contacted the seller and he got nasty, telling me the buyers just want me to drop my price.”

When the Daily Voice contacted them, Obaray and his associate Duaren Adams at first denied selling cars, telling the reporter they got the wrong number.

But Obaray later called back, saying: “The car never had any mechanical problems as it was checked before given to her and serviced. We personally never were in an accident with the car as she proclaims it to be.”

He also denied being a car salesman, saying they sold the car privately to Tania

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