Horror as dead wife terrorises hubby’s marriage

When Mhlengi decided to take a second wife, his first wife Rose did not approve. But Mhlengi took Lihle as his wife anyway and Rose has passed away.


Mhlengi Zikode (54) took a second wife after being married to Rose Gumede-Zikode for 15 years, and from the beginning, Rose didn’t approve.

But Mhlengi took Lihle Gwala (33) as his wife anyway. That was six years ago. After the 48-year-old Rose died on 19 February, there hasn’t been peace in the Zikode household.

Mhlengi’s 4-5 has gone to sleep!

Lihle from Carltonville, West Rand, told Daily Sun, Rose is haunting her in her dreams.

“She’s very angry. She tells me to leave her man,”  she said.

“I told my hubby about the dream and he said maybe I was thinking of her before sleeping,” she said.

“But the dream came back and it was scaring me. I kept dreaming the same thing and Rose got angrier.”

She said it’s painful to see a person who died speaking to her every night in her dreams.

Mhlengi said something strange started happening.

“I used to be a machine in bed but now my 4-5 has lost interest. I think this could be a punishment from the grave.  Rose still doesn’t approve,” said Mhlengi.

Lihle and Mhlengi have been to a number of izangoma. They tell us the only thing that will please Rose is if we break up.

“I can’t do that. I can’t leave Mhlengi. I love him. We don’t know what to do. We hope SunReaders can help us”; said Lihle.

Mhlengi’s uncle, Gilbert (69), said: “When Mhlengi wanted to take the second wife we told him to get approval from the first wife. He spoke to Rose but she never approved.”

Mhlengi took the second wife anyway and Rose had to swallow her pride. Now that she’s dead she can’t keep quiet.

He doesn’t know what should be done now.

“Lihle is even losing weight because of this. I fear losing her. If this continues she’ll also end up dying,” said Mhlengi. – Dailysun

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